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Cabins Through the Seasons

UPDATED January 2005
In the 1940's, '50's, and '60's Idle Pine Camp offered rental cabins and communal dining
on the shore of Lake Fairlee. We continue to use this historic name for our vacation property.

New House Construction

UPDATED September 2005

Latest Photos
September 14 pics More Landscaping and Floors
5 pics New Floors
August 4 pics Landscaping and Kitchen Counters
6 pics Planting, New Steps, and Ceiling
July 14 pics Interior Details and New Driveway
June 12 pics Progress in Mid-June
7 pics Early Summer Shots from the Lake
May 7 pics Returning the Dock to the Lake
4 pics Interior Work
7 pics Exterior Views - Early May

Progress Over The Winter
April 05 5 pics Views from the Porch
6 pics Nighttime - April 29th
9 pics Indoor - April 29th
8 pics Outdoor - April 29th
Mar 05 17 pics More Indoor
19 pics Indoor - March 14th
14 pics Outdoor - March 14th
9 pics Sheetrock progress (Dave's)
Feb 05 7 pics Dave's inside details
Jan 05 11 pics with Jane Jan 27th
13 pics with Jane Jan 28th
28 pics sunny January 7th
13 pics cloudy January 8th
7 pics cloudy January 8th
Dec 04 20 pics New Roof in Snow
21 pics More Including Interior
11 pics New Path to the Lake
Nov 04 7 pics More Progress
Oct 04 31 pics Dave took while we were
in South America
Sept 04 Text and
58 pics
The frame and the walls rose
quickly from the ground

Summer 2004 News
8/1/04 July 2004 Update
Some construction and a new tent
7/4/04 Our New Dock
Adventures in do-it-yourself
6/27/04 Construction Progress
Story with many pictures
6/5/04 Jane's new kayak
6/4/04 Getting clean at Idle pine

Construction Planning
From Drawings to Foundation -- Spring 2004
6/3/04 New pictures from the lake
6/1/04 Site for the new house (1)
6/1/04Site for the new house (2)
5/31/04 First pictures of the new foundation
5/1/04 Pictures of the cleared site
Apr 04 partial blueprints
Mar 04 Kitchen Design Ideas
2/29/04 lighting idea
2/29/04 latest floor plan
2/29/04 notes to floor plan
2/26/04 window sizes
2/5/02 current design thoughts
2/5/03 intermediate floorplan
8/13/03 early floorplan
8/13/03 early construction notes


NEW     Summer Visitors to Idle Pine     [added August 2005]
A collection of photos of various friends and relatives who stayed a while at Idle Pine this summer.


   Archived Contents -- before June 2004

- - - 2002 - - -
Our Lake Fairlee Property       [May 3rd, 2002]        I had been looking for a place on a lake near Fairlee for a while. Either a house or buildable property. What I found was 1.4 acres with 278 feet of lake frontage. Here are the pictures I took when I first saw the property.

More Information        [May 20th ,2002]        I have just heard that my financing has been approved, pending a visit by the appraiser. Closing is set for June 24th. I have added a page with maps and satelite imagery of the property.

View from the Lake        [August 14th, 2002]        I took title to the property in late May but was only able to return for a few brief visits this summer. Next summer (2003) we plan to be in residence on the lake.
       Late this summer Jane and I cut some of the brush on the lakeshore in front of the cabins. Here is a picture of the cabins I took from the end of the little island.

- - - 2003 - - -
Tales from Lake Fairlee, Volume I       [July 22nd, 2003]       Living in Vermont is an adventure . . . at least the way we do it.    The story of our first two weeks in the cabins in the summer of 2003.

Tales from Lake Fairlee, Volume II       [July 30th, 2003]       Well, there has been some progress, but it sometimes seems like climbing up a sand dune.     Making the cabins livable: electricity and water (pictures included!).

Tales from Lake Fairlee, Volume III       [August 13rd, 2003]       Since the last installment a great deal has been accomplished. We are living like civilized folk, now, with running water and everything.    The infrastructure comes together. Lots of new pictures.

Tales from Lake Fairlee, Volume IV       [August 18rd, 2003]       By special request, here are pictures of the inside of thecabin we live in, so you can get an idea of just how "rough" we have it!

Felling Two Large White Pines       [September 8th, 2003]        Building our all season cabin would require the removal of two 100+ foot trees. The good news is that we will be able to use them as lumber for our building. Watching them come down was an experience.    Pictures and story here.

- - - 2004 - - -
Plans to begin construction this summer       [added February 11, 2004]        Jane and I have been working hard on the plans and hoping to break ground in May or early June. We have lengthened the house by two feet so that now it will be about 1650 square feet plus 700 square feet of covered deck and screen porch. (there is also about 250 sq. ft. of underheight loft space) At this writing we are beginning to finalize decisions about materials and trim.
       Here is a recent memo summarizing our current thoughts about building details.   Here is our proposed floorplan, with a tentative furniture placement.
  [you need Adobe Acrobat to view the plans]

Winter 2004 Pictures       [added February 11, 2004]        I visited Fairlee in late January to meet with our builder, Dave Colby. While there I visited Idle Pine. It was bitterly cold (about 15 F) and overcast, but there had not been much snow. I walked around the property and out on the lake and took these pictures.

At the Sawmill       [added May 1, 2004]        What happened to the two large pine trees we felled last fall? They have been cut into lumber which will be used to build our house.

to Blast or not to Blast       [added May 9, 2004]        A granite ledge protruded from middle-earth right where we wanted to put our house. In mid-March our builder recommended that we dynamite a hole for the cellar and foundation. The ensuing saga should be read as a comedy, not a tragedy.